12 December, 2018

Celebration 30th Anniversary of Guzmán Global and Sabic

On 29 November, Guzmán Global and Sabic celebrated the 30th anniversary of the beginning of commercial relations between the two companies.

In 1988, Guzmán reached a distribution agreement with General Electric Plastics and started marketing engineering plastics by the American company. Just 5 years later, as a result of the shared trust, values and strategic vision, both companies formed an alliance: the Polymerland Guzmán Joint Venture. As partners for 13 years, the relationship grew in strength thanks to the partnership in Portugal with Augusto Guimarães & Irmao and the incorporation of new products. In 2006, Guzmán bought back 50% of the company before Sabic acquired GE Plastics.

From 2007 onwards, the relationship continued to grow hand in hand with the Saudi giant, also incorporating its polyolefins and extending the distribution relationship in Spain and Portugal to Italy and Turkey in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

To commemorate so many years together and continue consolidating the relationship between the two companies, Fidel García-Guzmán, CEO of Guzmán Global, Alberto Artigas, Global Manager of the Plastics and Rubber Business Unit, and Jaime García, Commercial Director, travelled to Sittard (Holland), home to Sabic’s headquarters for Europe.

During the meeting, to commemorate the anniversary, Ton Koenders, Director of Sales for Europe at Sabic, presented them with a bronze statue with the legend: “Grateful for the past and confident about the future”. On behalf of the entire Guzmán Global team, Fidel García-Guzmán presented him with a tile bearing the message: “Together we go further”, which conveyed the gratitude for the trust placed in the company over the years and the will to continue to grow together.

During the celebration, both parties shared their strategic vision on the new challenges presented by the market. They also highlighted the importance of their collaboration over the last 30 years and the desire to continue consolidating their relationship in the future.

Guzmán Global, draws a competitive advantage from being able to offer solutions by manufacturers such as Sabic, the leader in innovation with such a wide range of thermoplastics, which allows the company to provide the best solutions for each of its customers.